Your pet will avoid the emotional and physical stress of being in a kennel or boarding facility. They will have hours and hours of fun and loving care in a home from home environment and you will also receive several daily photo updates from us. Please check out our facebook page link below or instagram page to see more about the hotel guests on a daily basis


We encourage you to bring your own dog food as a new diet can often be unsettling. Please provide usual feeding times and quantities which will be adhered to. We can also administer any medications when here as well as prepare fresh cooked food for your pooch too, just ask when making your booking.


I offer dog walking both as part of boarding and separately to this. If your dog requires a lot of additional exercise this can be arranged.Generally it's an early morning walk, and an early evening stroll especially in summer months in order to protect your pooch against the sun and heat where some can struggle.


When your dog checks into the Pooches hotel Mallorca they be looked after and pampered like a VIP. They will be able to sleep wherever they wish in the hotel ...... most guests are with me which suits me,them and the owners perfectly

About Us

The dog hotel is on the front row in Molinar. It has a front and back garden and the best bit is a massive roof terrace overlooking the sea. All dogs in my care will have full access to the house/sofas/loungers/beds etc and are very much part of the family on arrival. During the day, before and after walks they will just be around the house, in and out of the garden, bedrooms and can basically chill out wherever they wish.


The day generally starts with a quick stroll out to the promenade for any urgent business. I generally then go to the park to let the dogs have a good sniff around or run about if allowed off the lead followed by a trip home for the older or slower Pooches. The more active pooches will then have a further walk and a visit to the sea if they like a swim.


By late morning and early afternoon, everyone is just chilling at home with full access to the garden with doggie paddle pool, living areas or bedrooms with aircon


When it cools down we will then go for another walk along the promenade, come back and sit out the front garden to watch the world go by. They will also all come out to local restaurants and coffee shops if that’s what they are used to doing.






Price for 1 minute



per night

up to 24 hours stay

additional charges may apply for dietary requirements,

additional walking or dogs under the age of one




up to 8 hours stay

additional charges may apply  for dietary

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Andrea Dietschi

Andrea Dietschi

July 5th - 5★

"Simon has beautiful house very close to the sea, and our dog just loved his vacation there. During his stay Emilio had full access to the entire house, and cold choose his favorite spot where to lay down and relax. Simon took him for walks in the park, on the beach, and even swims in the sea several times a day, about which we regularly received pictures and updates. Emilio was treated with love and must have felt just as good as with his family...when we picked him up he was not ready to go home just yet..."

Leonie Jane McDonald

Leonie Jane McDonald

June 17th - 5★

"Our dog loves going to stay with Simon, and it really is a treat for him. He gets totally pampered and treated like family. We got regular updates and lots of photos showing just what a great time our pooch was having with out us, which is such a relief as we don't like to leave him with just anyone (he can be a handful!). Simon is just fabulous to deal with too, very welcoming and friendly and you couldn't leave your dog with anyone better. Totally recommend!"

Sherazade Ebtehaj Benet

Sherazade Ebtehaj Benet

July 12th - 5★

"If only we were all treated the same way Elvis was while staying with Simon ! He is the kindest and most affectionate of hosts .Beautiful house and garden in a privileged location, right in front of the sea . Elvis had such a lovely time that he has already repeated several times .We leave him there without hesitation anytime we need to go away as we can see how happy Elvis is to reunite with Simon . Thank you so much dear Simon for loving our little Elvis and making a home away from home for him ."

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